It's hard being an Archmage. There are so many things that take up my time each day; work-life, gym-life, family-life, and everything... else-life. When I finally have a moment to put on my robe and get to my work I find my self exhausted. But my role, my abilities are to motivate others and if I can't motivate myself to keep going, what am I to say to the mages? Each day I work a bit harder, I add an additional task, I push a little harder all in knowing this will pay out in the end. Yes it is crazy that I keep adding more onto my plate, but in time it gets easier and my daily life becomes more.. more normal. I push myself to keep going, I stand my ground to not fall, and when I do... I get back up and again and learn from my mistakes.

So to all of you out there who want more than the norm that life has given you, I say this. Stay diligent each day towards your efforts to being a success. When you get overwhelmed from the stress of each of your lives, you must persevere. Finally when something does bring you down you must be resilient and get back up.  
If this were Westeros and I had a motto it would be:

  • Diligence
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience

The crest... well I am not sure yet, some creature or thing that makes sense with those words. Perhaps a Phoenix?

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