Bath Crasher

Made for Ludum Dare 41

Play it on

Elephants like baths and birds hate sharing!

Fight your way to the bird bath and smash it to win

Use A and D to steer, S to slow down and Space to charge

Elephant tusks are only good against buildings, birds are untouchable by them

The turrets can only shoot at the birds, although the explosion from bombs can hurt buildings too.

Collect dust by destroying buildings and birds. Use dust to upgrade your elephant or turrets.

‘Turrets’ include: Archer Bomber Robot and Wizard

Start with space for one turret, add more with the ‘+’ icon on the bottom row. Build a turret with the ‘+’ icon on the right side.

Two incompatible genres combined are: vehicular combat and tower defense, as well as turrets from an assortment of genres

If you’re having trouble getting very far take it slow, gather lots of dust and upgrade before you destroy any bird houses. Wizards are over-powered.

Hello World!