Deadpan gulch

Turn based territory battle

Made for Ludum Dare 42

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I had a dream about panning for gold with Oprah, this is the game inspired by that dream.

Claim territory and gold in competition with computer players. Challenge them to duels to the death.

Be the last prospector standing.

Click to interact, choose the tile you want to claim, clear, or challenge.

Claim - Claim the gold on the tile as yours Clear - Remove debris from the tile, this must be done before capturing Challenge - Challenge an enemy to a duel. If they decline you automatically claim or clear that tile. If they accept then you fight to the death Dueling - There is a count to 3 and then the word “DRAW” will show on screen. Click anywhere before your opponent to kill them, freeing up all of their territory. Lose the duel and lose your life.

Winning - Have the most gold when all land is claimed or kill all your opponents

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