Legend of Coleslaw Deeps

Made for Alakajam 5

Download on Itch.io for Windows, Mac, and Linux

After his father went missing months ago a boy fishes at the docks his father left from every night hoping he will return. One day a bottle drifts ashore and in it he finds a message.

“I am The Fisherman Greasy Barbadoss!!!! I have been eating by a great sea creature but am somehow still alive!!! Please tell my son Jim of Coleslaw Village his pops is alright but to send for help! I am at the bottom of the Terrible Trench! in the South Salt Sea”

Unable to believe what he has found Jim rushes to the local sage cat for guidance.
“Ahh yes. The Terrible Trench. I believe I have something that can help you get to the bottom of this. This lure I came across in my travels has had a spell cast on it. If a fish eats it you can enter it’s mind and control it. Use it to descend to the bottom of the trench and force the fish that ate your father to surface once more.”

With his rod, reel and new lure Jim sets off to find his father.

Use the arrow keys, wasd, or d-pad (no stick) on a controller to steer

Spacebar or controller button(A/B/X/Y/Triangle/Circle/Square) to dash

You have limited magic, catch the monster fish at the bottom and return to the surface before it runs out.

Dashing and collisions reduce your magic.

Being eaten by a larger fish and eating smaller fish will restore your magic.

Find your dad before he gets digested!

Hello World!